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NetNewsWire is an open source feed reader app for MacOS.


Brent Simmons originally developed NetNewsWire. It was later acquired by NewsGator, then Black Pixel. On 2017-06-01, Brent announced he was working on an open source feed reader, Evergreen. [1]

On 2018-08-31, Black Pixel announced they could no longer maintain NetNewsWire and were returning it to Brent Simmons. [2] Brent said that Evergreen 1.0 would be renamed NetNewsWire 5.0 and would remain open source. [3] The github repository was renamed accordingly.

h-feed support

There is a github issue to add h-feed support:

  • Brent Simmons indicated he would be adding support for h-feed in the 1.0 Alpha version

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