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The Gillmor Gang is a weekly podcast hosted by Steve Gillmor who has perennially discussed topics relating to the bleeding edge of web technology as they relate to social media, journalism, and modern life.

IndieWeb maven Kevin Marks is a regular guest on the show and frequently touches on how the IndieWeb movement overlaps these topic areas.

Favorite topics on the show include the real-time web, notifications, news consumption, mobile, RSS, as well as technology companies Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Seemingly Gillmor has eschewed RSS (possibly in favor of real-time), so the best place to find RSS copies of the show is on Huffduffer.

Steve Gillmor is also the brother of journalist Dan Gillmor, an IndieWeb member who utilizes pieces of it including the microformats2 capable Sempress theme on his primary site run on WordPress.

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