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Gowalla is a location checkin silo that operated from 2007 to 2012 and was then rebooted in 2021. It is functionally similar to Foursquare but with a unique design aesthetic that won it loyal fans.


It was acquired by Facebook and unceremoniously shut down soon after, despite their cheerful announcement:

2011-12-02 Jason Kincaid: Facebook Has Acquired Gowalla (archived)

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be making the journey to California to join Facebook

as mentioned in 2014-01-09 Jeremy Keith: Time (archived)


Screenshots of the original Gowalla are preserved in older blog posts, including:


In 2021, Josh Williams announced that he was bringing back Gowalla in a new form, with new co-founder Patrick Piemonte. They launched a "Street Team" beta program for early adopters. The new Gowalla uses aspects of augmented reality and NFTs.

The podcast The Gowalla Story ran in 2021 for 5 episodes, hosted by Josh Williams and Dan Benjamin: "an exploration of the rise, fall, reinvention, and reimagining of a startup"

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