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Integrates the philosophy of IndieWeb in your Drupal website. The project page is at

Maintained by Kristof De Jaeger

Current functionality:

  • Receive webmentions and pingbacks via or internal endpoint
  • Send webmentions and syndicate content, likes etc via, store syndications
  • Microformats for content, images and more
  • Allow users to login and create accounts with IndieAuth
  • Built-in IndieAuth Authorization and Authentication API with PKCE, or use external service
  • Microsub built-in server or use external service, also allowing anonymous requests.
  • Micropub
    • Create content note, article, event, rsvp, reply, like, repost, bookmark, checkin, geocache and issue
    • Updating content is currently limited to changing the published status, title and body of nodes and comments
    • q=category can be configured and q=source is also experimentally available to get a list of posts
    • Store location coordinates
    • Delete a node, comment or webmention
  • Auto-create comments from 'in-reply-to'
  • Reply on comments and send webmention
  • Feeds: microformats and jf2
  • Contacts: store contacts, allowing for autocomplete
  • WebSub PuSH 0.4 for publishing and subscribing
  • Send a micropub post to Aperture on incoming webmentions
  • Fetch post context for content or microsub items
  • Blocks for rendering webmentions, RSVP, signing in
  • Fediverse integration via
  • Caching of image files

IndieWeb Usage

People currently using IndieWeb module on their sites