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IndieWeb Podcast Club started as a blog post proposal, and is now the home of ideas and brainstorming for indieweb related podcasts.

Ask the Indieweb about the Indieweb

Although there are podcasts that touch on the IndieWeb and others dedicated to the IndieWeb there is currently nothing that offers listeners, especially those new to the IndieWeb, guidance through the IndieWeb. In an IRC chat on 25 February 2018 we discussed a possible format of answering listeners' questions as part of a panel discussion.

Ideally there would be a pool of experts who could contribute and a pool of hosts who could act for the listener. Each episode would focus on one question, preferably a real question rather than the kind that so frequently appear in FAQs. At the start it might be necessary to start with some actual frequently asked questions, e.g. from IRC logs, blog post comments, etc. With luck, as listeners snowball, they might offer real questions.

The very first episode should probably deal with getting a domain name and the distinction between domain name registration and hosting, and the very basic hosting requirements. SSL? What else?

The show's site could also exemplify an IndieWeb-enabled site with suitable POSSE, PESOS, PASTA, POOSNOW etc.

Transcripts of the show, enhanced with links and examples, would be a valuable additional resource.

In the nature of things, the podcast and its home site is likely to be a team effort.

  • Jeremy Cherfas has registered and is would like to share hosting duties.
  • What can you contribute?

Next Steps

  • Add thoughts to this wiki page
  • Schedule discussion at future vHWCs
  • ...

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