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Intense Debate is a comments hosting silo.

Intense Debate was purchased by by Automattic, the corporate parent of WordPress, on September 23,2008.

You can use Intense Debate to create a comments embed on your website/blog posts.

Though this does encourage your readers to sharecrop (on Intense Debate) their comments on your posts, it also provides them a single place to view the comments they've made across any/all sites that use Disqus for comments.

This service is similar in functionality to Disqus.

How to

How to Export

Intense Debate offers both import and export of your data.

With IntenseDebate you can export all of your comments in an XML format. To export your comments and all comment data, visit your IntenseDebate account > select your blog from the “My Sites” tab in the top menu > select the “XML Export” link in the sidebar > select “Download comments – Format: .xml”. Please note that we do not currently offer a way to import an XML file.


The Intense Debate plugin for WordPress supports syncing of comments and account data between Intense Debate and WordPress so you will always own your comments stored locally on your own server.

Note: Beginning sometime in 2016, the IntenseDebate plugin is currently being maintained, but not actively developed.

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