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Jitsi Meet is a free open-source self-hostable video conferencing solution that was occasionally used for virtual HWCs and IWCs.


  • It supports essentially unlimited rooms by postfixing a room name to the end of the url similar to Google Hangouts. For example, using the Jitsi Meet service you can enter: https://meet.jit.si/{room name}
  • Uses WebRTC, but *not* P2P for >2 participants - decreased bandwidth requirements for clients, less issues with P2P discovery
  • Supports audio-only mode for guests as well as push-to-talk mode.
  • Supports streaming to YouTube Live
  • Has clients on: Web, iOS, Android, as well as desktop Electron apps.
  • Connect to a shared Etherpad document among everyone in the conference
  • Screen-sharing
  • No accounts needed
  • Open-Source


  • occasional reliability issues (dropped connections not being cleaned up)
  • problems with Firefox, other browsers work better. Currently (2020-05) waiting on improvements to Firefox by Mozilla, see https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/issues/4758
  •   Jamie Tanna, as an organiser of https://phpminds.org, ran through Jitsi from April->September, but due to continued stability issues of the platform, and issues with non-Chrome browsers (even after the above improvements were released) we moved to Zoom, due to our license being provided through sponsorship

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