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Keyoxide is an open-source platform for creating and verifying "distributed online identities" using cryptographic signatures. It allows a person to provably link their online identities together across multiple platforms using OpenPGP and bidirectional linking.

The Keybase web app can be self-hosted, and there is a CLI tool which can be run locally. Because identity claims are made on the user's own OpenPGP keys or via signed plain-text documents, the platform is stateless and does not store any user data.

The underlying technology is called "Decentralized OpenPGP Identity Proofs (DOIP)" and is being standardised in the Ariadne spec. First-party libraries are available in Javascript and Rust.

Keyoxide is being developed by the KeyToIdentity Foundation led by Yarmo Mackenbach, and has been funded by an NLNet grant.

Building Blocks

Keyoxide supports the following IndieWeb building blocks:

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