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(Redirected from Meetup) is an event silo for creating and/or finding small gatherings in your local community who share your interests, sometimes used by some Homebrew Website Club cities to organize local HWC meetups, acquired in 2017 by WeWork.

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Discovery of nearby events

When logged in, the homepage displays nearby events based on your selected location and proximity. Location could be changed by searching a city name or postal code. Proximity could be changed to 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, or "any distance." Selecting a date in the calendar on the right side would filter events for that date only.

This screenshot was taken 2020-03-31.

When not logged in, the homepage displays a search field and location drop-down. The location drop-down may remember your previous selections using cookies.


  • They are quite expensive; once a meetup group reaches a certain size they charge money to the group organizers, and the prices are a lot for the features they offer.
  • Ever since WeWork bought them out they've been trying to find more ways of monetization, for example charging $2/RSVP or charging for API access.
  • Several accessibility concerns have been raised with the platform as a whole. In November 2022, seemingly to try and counteract these issues, Meetup added an accessibility overlay to the site. Overlays are highly controversial and broadly seen as an anti-pattern by accessibility specialists, so this was met with strong condemnation. After initially removing the overlay due to the backlash, they quietly reinstated it a day later.
    • "Welp, time to reconsider @Meetup as a platform for accessibility / disability meet-ups. I have no interest using a platform that knows so little about the community it regularly serves." @aardrian
    • Wordpress Accessibility Meetup look to move away from the platform in response: raises concerns with new accessibility overlay


Hosted services:

IndieWeb alternatives:

  • event for posting details about events
  • RSVPs for posting replies related to attendance

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