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Reply downvotes is an experimental Twitter feature introduced in 2022 that shows up as a down arrow ⇩ on replies to a tweet, allowing users to one-click indicate that a reply is not adding to the conversation.

(needs screenshot of UI)


When introducing the feature to users, Twitter shows an in-page content pop-up alert:

Screenshot of Reply downvotes description alert on Twitter starting with “Introducing Reply downvotes” with a “Got it” button at the bottom to dismiss it.

Text from the alert:

Reply downvotes

Tap to downvote
See a reply that isn’t adding to the conversation? Let us know by downvoting.

Downvotes are private
Your votes aren’t public and won’t be shared with the Tweet author or others on the timeline.

Help make Twitter better
Your feedback helps us prioritize higher quality content for you — and everyone on Twitter.

The alert has a button with label “Got it” to dismiss it.

When showing the new ⇩ down arrow reaction button on replies, Twitter shows an inline tip just above the replies:


Text from inline tip:

See a reply that isn’t adding to the conversation?
Select ⇩ to help us improve your experience.

Learn more

Where “Learn more” appears to be hyperlinked (unsure to what)


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