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Moderation is the process of holding comments for review by a human, and sometimes a source of frustration when a comment is written on another site that the commenter has no control over, and thus a good reason to post a reply on your own site and POSSE it to that other site.


If you allow anyone to comment on your site, you may want to moderate comments by default, especially from (previously) unknown authors, because such comments are known to attract abuse.

Moderation Status

Under the current webmention specification there is no indication for when a comment is held for modification.

In many systems, however, there is a response for human commenters that is visible, indicating that a comment has been accepted and is awaiting moderation by a human.



moderation of services

An example of an unwanted comment is on the bottom of this post has been brought in via bridgy and - it's not clear which of those services should be used to mark it as not for display. Just deleting it on one or other of them is likely not enough, as it could be brought back by sending the webmention again.


Moderation Criteria

  • Allow List
  • Deny List


WNYC's On the Media has an interesting podcast segment on moderation and restorative justice: Can Restorative Justice Save The Internet? that has some interesting ideas as well as a case study involving moderation on Reddit.


Articles about moderation.

Bad Examples

Intel Bleep UI

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