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Reddit is a link aggregator and bulletin board site where community members may submit links and text posts, vote on the submitted entries, and post comments on them. As community members vote a post up or down, the site determines how to position a post within the news feed.

Because of the upvote / downvote system, Reddit is an effective crowd-sourced curation tool where the "best" links (as determined by a particular subreddit's users) are pushed to the top. As a result, sites that have been pushed to Reddit's front page experience huge surges in traffic (also known as "the Slashdot Effect").

How to

How to backfeed

Bridgy backfeed Reddit posts and comments

If you go to there’s an option to authenticate with Reddit, when you do so, Bridgy connects via your authorization and can then send you webmentions for Reddit posts that link to your site, and first level comments on those posts.

Or you can DIY:

Poll feeds without authentication

Reddit provides an XML (RSS 2.0) and JSON feed by domain.

Example for JSON, XML

Check out those URLs and create equivalents to poll for backfeed for your own domain!


The features below are only available to Reddit community members:

  • Vote posts up or down to determine their position in the site feed
  • Deeply-threaded comment system
  • The ability to create your own category pages (called "subreddits")


How to export


Anyone know how to export your posts and comments from Reddit?

Into what format?

Basic Reddit Content Exporter (Reddit to JSON, runs in-browser)

I ( Dan Q) have implemented a block of Javascript that you can use to export all of your Reddit comments, posts, gildings, upvoted-things etc. as a huge block of JSON. It runs in your browser to exploit make use of your Reddit cookie rather than using a modhash. As a result, it's best for one-off bulk exports rather than ongoing-PESOS: however, it could easily be adapted. It can also be used to export other people's data, but it'll only get that which is visible to the user you're logged-in as (e.g. it won't get their posts in subreddits you're not a member of, it won't get their upvotes unless they've opted-in to sharing that data, etc.).

Get it at Instructions are at the top.

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