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Reddit is a link aggregator and bulletin board site where community members may submit links and text posts, vote on the submitted entries, and post comments on them. As community members vote a post up or down, the site determines how to position a post within the news feed.

Because of the upvote / downvote system, Reddit is an effective crowd-sourced curation tool where the "best" links (as determined by a particular subreddit's users) are pushed to the top. As a result, sites that have been pushed to Reddit's front page experience huge surges in traffic (also known as "the Slashdot Effect").


The features below are only available to Reddit community members:

  • Vote posts up or down to determine their position in the site feed
  • Deeply-threaded comment system
  • The ability to create your own category pages (called "subreddits")


How to export


Anyone know how to export your posts and comments from Reddit?

Into what format?

  • Reddit has an API that returns data in JSON or XML. [1] gRegor Morrill 16:13, 22 July 2015 (PDT)

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