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This full description of a Instagram POSSE flow was on /Workflow, then /Shortcut, but has moved here to clear up the page.

For the IndieAuth, you can now use the IndieAuth Shortcut

Instagram POSSE

Sebastiaan Andeweg uses Shortcuts to post photo's to his site, and then POSSE them to his Instagram.

His shortcut is as follows. Note that most of the bulletpoints, once set, run automatically. You need to obtain an Access Token to your Micropub Endpoint, or steal one from a Micropub client you already use.

In the native Photos app, choose a picture to post, then open the share menu and run the following Shortcut:

A Shortcut called 'Foto op Seblog' which accepts images:

  • Set variable {photo} (I will use this bracket notation for vars here)
  • Ask for input: caption?
  • Copy to clipboard (so you can add it to Instagram later)
  • Set variable {caption}
  • URL (point this one to your Micropub endpoint)
  • Get contents of URL > advanced
    • Method: POST
    • Headers: Authorization: bearer [token] (put your token here)
    • Request body: (Form)
      • h: entry (just that text)
      • photo: {photo} (this one as 'file', select the variable)
      • content: {content} (select the variable)
  • Get URLs from Input - this is a tricky one. I let my Micropub endpoint return a body with '<a href="new-post-url">Success</a>' in order for this to work
  • Open URLs (now you're redirected to Safari, opening your new post manually go back to the Photos app now, then Shortcut starts again)
  • Choose from menu: 'Also post on Instagram?' > Yes > Cancel
    • on yes:
      • Get variable {photo}
      • Post on Instagram (I have caption set to var Content, but that doesn't seem to work always)

Then, on Instagram, just click through the menu's. When asked for the caption, if it's not there, you can just paste from your clipboard, the caption should be there.

After posting copy the URL of the Instagram-post to your clipboard.

Go back to Safari, where your new post is still lurking, open Share menu and choose the following shortcut 'Save syndication', which takes URLs and Safari web pages:

  • Get URLs from Input
  • Set variable {entryurl}
  • Ask for input: What is the Instagram url? > default answer {clipboard} > input type URL (you can leave this step out and just grab the clipboard, but I like checking)
  • Set variable {insta}
  • URL (set this to be your Micropub endpoint)
  • Get contents of URL > Advanced
    • Method: POST
    • Headers: Authorization: bearer [token] (put your token here)
    • Request body: (JSON!)
      • action: update
      • url: {entryurl}
      • (as dictionary) add:
        • (as array) syndication:
          • {insta}
  • Get var {entryurl}
  • Open URLs

And there you have it!