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Site name is the explicit or implied name of a site, as opposed to the name of individual elements or pages.

Use Cases

  • comment-presentation
    • Example: Bob mentioned this article on vs Bob mentioned this article on Bob's Site Name.

Why not just "Bob mentioned this article" ? No need for the extra stuff. If you need linktext to link to the permalink of the mention, use a datetime stamp, that's common practice.


A site name can be either implied(derived from other elements), or explicit, identified in the markup.


  • The OGP defines the site_name property. It can be used like this:
    <meta property="og:site_name" content="IMDb" />


There is not currently a widely adopted way of deriving a site name from other values.


In the absence of an explicit site name, site name could be derived from:

  • Title tag of the site's home page
  • The top-level h-* and use its p-name property.
  • The domain name of the site

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