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slater-screenshot-reassembled.png Slater is an app for posting events to your own website using Micropub. It is created by Marty McGuire.

Slater is built on the Python Flask framework and makes use of Kyle Mahan's flask-micropub library for handling IndieAuth and finding Micropub endpoints.


IndieWeb features that Slater supports:

  • publishing event (h: event) posts with:
    • name
    • start date + time
    • end date + time
    • timezone via offset
    • location as a url (suggested either geo or a url with a venue h-card
    • tags
    • photo (supports sending multiple if your micropub config reports a media endpoint). useful for featured image.
    • description
    • mp-syndicate-to

IndieWeb Examples

People using Slater to post to their website:

Marty McGuire

Marty McGuire since 2017-01-16

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