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These Small Computers are low-power computers that are useful as servers and special-use controllers for a variety of applications. They can all run web servers and related software, though with limited capability.


Your server needs to be capable enough to handle the tasks you ask of it, but also should consume very little power when idle. Depending on your application, different storage and Input/Output options may be important. There are many questions to ask when choosing a Small Computer, but here are a few to start:

  • How much code do you want to write: none, some, lots?
  • How much are you willing to pay?
  • Are you willing to "build" the computer hardware?
  • What jobs will this Small Computer do? What software will you run on it?
  • What software is required by your CMS or website technology?


Raspberry Pi $40
Beagle bone Black $65
Intel Galileo $85
Intel NUC $150 - $400
pico-ITX Systems $120 - $400
nano-ITX Systems $150 - $500
mini-ITX Systems $150 - $700