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TTL is Time-To-Live, a measure in seconds of how long a DNS record (such as a name-to-address mapping) is valid.

How to configure

You may want to reduce your TTL on your domain names to a very low value when preparing for a site migration from one webhost to another.

E.g. on,

  • Find your domain ("My Services" menu, "Domains" item, search for your domain by name, click on it)
  • Select the DNS: Manage button
  • Scroll to the bottom to DNS Time To Live Value
  • Set the number to as low as you can (600 was the minimum as of 2019-02-24)

DNS Examples

  • Google's public DNS at respects TTL settings as low as 0, effectively supporting a setting for 'do-not-cache'.
  • OpenDNS's public DNS at has a minimum TTL setting of about 10 seconds.

Observing the Effect of DNS TTL

On a terminal with the dig and watch programs, run a per-second lookup of the domain under test:

watch -n 1 "dig +short @"

As you then update DNS IP settings, the results displayed should change to the new IP setting within the seconds specified in the TTL.

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