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migration in the context of the indieweb refers to the process of moving your indieweb site from any one or more of one CMS / web host / DNS provider / URL design / domain name to another.

Ideally people will create their IndieWeb sites and their data will live at the same URL forever and ever into eternity.

In reality, it seems this is unlikely, as people do change domain names as well as publishing platforms from time to time- the best we can do is have a plan to handle this gracefully.

Domain Changes

The first case is where the source site notifies the target site that it has moved from:


to it's new home at:


seems like there could be 2 approaches to this... sites crawl their own comments detecting the health of domains, or sites send notifications to others sites to "update me"

URL Structure Changes

The next case is where a user adopts a new publishing platform that has drastically different URL structure such as


move to new URL structure



It seems that the right solution should be able to handle both migration cases. Some rough ideas outlined thus far inlcude:

  • Using 301 Redirects
  • Onus on the source to notify targets to recrawl / verify their posts
  • Targets can run a refresh on their own content to update / verify

Organization Examples

DreamHost Community

DreamHost moved their community discussion platform from MyBB to Discourse, and migrated their previous user accounts and forum content as well. They migrated some URLs from the old platform to the new platform, but apparently did not migrate the section under "old forums".


Welcome! (or welcome back?) You may have noticed that things look a little different around here! DreamHost has recently migrated our forums to a new software platform.

If you had an account on the old system we’ve copied that over for you, however you will need to reset your password before you’re able to login. You’ll only need to do this once! Click on the "Log In" button above and the link to "I forgot my password".

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