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post migration is the ability to move your posts from one service or server to another, possibly by both exporting them into a static form from their existing location and importing them to a new location, or by a form of direct data transfer between servers, ideally with the old location supporting permalink redirects for some period, and an aspect of data portability & migration in general.

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    • "A thing that will need more attention in conversations about "portable identity" on the fediverse is the whole "I want to move my posts" feature request.A problem is that I've seen many such conversations breeze past the folks running the instance to which the posts are meant to move.A request to "move my posts" is, essentially, a request for the destination instance to review all those posts against their policies. Or, an assumption that the destination instance will neglect to do that for the sake of expediency.Most instances are not simply fungible service providers for posts. Folks running instances have opinions, impose policies, and moderate content.While you may own your words in a fediverse post - the publishing & hosting of those words is a negotiated agreement with the admins of a fediverse instance.This is not usually a customer service relationship. Just because you posted something on one instance doesn't mean you should automatically expect another instance to welcome your posting history with open arms.None of this is my sole realization. I've seen multiple instance admins express this stuff now. I think it bears frequent repeating." @lmorchard June 20, 2023
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    • "Really, in general, I think there is a great big blob of unresolved tension here on the fediverse between folks wandering in who expect a customer service relationship - or at least a "my eyeballs are valuable" relationship - and find that folks running instances are not inclined to simply act as obligatory ushers.Almost forgot I blogged about exactly this, while under the influence of a large dose of cold medicine" @lmorchard June 20, 2023