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Thingiverse is a popular silo for hosting 3D printable models.


It allows you to publish online your 3D models ready for 3D printing, a bit like a Github of 3D models. You can manage collections of objects you like, and post photos of the models you printed, to show actual results to user, and compare your print quality.

Exporting your data

Some scripts are available to handle it (with scraping), but nothing built-in to export your data. Should be better and more resilient to use the API for this.


Thingiverse has a fully featured API which can be used to do almost everything you can do with the website (like / post things / edit things / โ€ฆ).

Then, it should not be really difficult to POSSE with Thingiverse. Phyks is interested in it for his hacklab and will update this if he manages to have anything functionnal.


Thingiverse has a fully featured API.

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