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TinyLetter was a message silo and service to organize email newsletters that closed 2024-02-29[1]. It had an optional blog-like web archive and was sometimes used as a simple blog with restricted viewership.

How to export data

Export subscribers:

You can export a full list of your subscribers at any time by going to Subscribers then clicking the Export button in the top right corner. This will start the export process of email addresses, subscribe dates, and notes for your subscribers into a CSV file.

https://tinyletter.com/site/help/your-subscribers-and-mailing-lists/exporting-subscribers-in-tinyletter/ (archived)

Export past newsletters:

Unsure if this is supported. Does not appear to be documented, at least.

This post has a self-described "hacky workaround" that might work to export newsletters:


Acquired by MailChimp in 2011.

2023-11-29 The Verge, Jay Peters: Mailchimp is shutting down TinyLetter (archived)

The service will be discontinued on February 29th, 2024, according to a message I see when logged into my TinyLetter account.


How to delete your account


Has anyone deleted their TinyLetter account? What's the process? How long do they hold your data anyway? Etc.

How to POSSE

Does anyone POSSE to TinyLetter? For what reason?

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