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TripIt is a service for tracking and planning travel.


List of Trips

Lists upcoming and past trips. Trips have a name, image, start and end date, one destination city (which is strange for multi-city trips).

Upcoming trips are sorted starting with the soonest. Past trips are sorted starting by the most recent in reverse chronological order.

The image defaults to a stock photo from the city name, or a default stock photo if none were found. The image can be customized as well.


Individual trips can be shared with other TripIt users.

There are several permission levels when sharing a trip:

  • Travelers are going on this trip. They can see and edit trip details.
  • Viewers can see your trip, but can't edit or comment on trip details.
  • Planners can see and edit trip details but aren't going on this trip.

You can also add people to your "Inner Circle", and they can see all your public trips.

A public link can be created for a trip, and the full trip details are visible to anyone with the link.

Map View

A summary of the trip can be displayed on a map.

Trip Details

Trips can contain a mix of "plans" within the trip, including flights, hotel/airbnb stays, events, and more.

Every "plan" gets a date and time, and all plans are sorted within the trip by date.