Tutorial Set up an Indie Website using Known on Amazon Web Services

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In this tutorial, we will walk through every single step to set up a full-featured Indie Website in the Amazon Web Services cloud. We will be using Known, a web application that is natively aware of the Indie Web.

Some of this tutorial might look a little geeky, but we are documenting every step and you should be able to follow through without problems even if you are not a geek.

You will need: You will get:
  • A Macintosh, Linux or Windows computer with a web browser.
  • About an hour of time.
  • A small budget:
    • hosting by Amazon is likely free for one year, less than $10 per month thereafter
    • domain name varies, often $8.00 to $17.00 per year.
  • An Indie Website you control at the domain name of your choosing.
  • Secured by HTTPS.
  • Running on the Amazon cloud.
  • That syndicates all of your posts to Facebook and Twitter, and pulls comments people make there back on your site.


Here is what we will be doing:

  1. Tutorial: Find and purchase a great domain name for your site
  2. Tutorial: Sign up for an Amazon Web Services account
  3. Tutorial: Set up a new Amazon cloud server, and log in
  4. Tutorial: Set up DNS so your new domain name points to your website
  5. Tutorial: Install Known
  6. Tutorial: Configure Known to your liking
  7. Tutorial: Write your first Known post and syndicate it out

Click on the first item, and work your way down! Before you know it, you'll be on the Indie Web.

Additional Resources

For additional information on Known please see any of the following pages:

Topics Getting Started with Known
Content Plugins Video β€’ Recipe β€’ Reviews β€’ Food β€’ Watching β€’ Reactions β€’ Journal β€’ Read
Syndication plugins Twitter β€’ Facebook β€’ Flickr β€’ Foursquare β€’ LinkedIn β€’ SoundCloud β€’ LinkedIn (alternate) β€’ WordPress β€’ Tumblr β€’ Diigo β€’ Github β€’ Known Crosspost β€’ Diaspora β€’ IRC β€’ IndieSyndicate β€’ Pinboard β€’ Archive.org/WayBackMachine β€’ Pnut.io β€’ Mastodon
System and Security HTML Output sanitisation β€’ Two Factor Authentication β€’ Sitemap.xml β€’ Bitly URL shortener β€’ OAuth2 Server β€’ NIST Passwords β€’ Akismet β€’ Matomo for Known
Import and Export Flickr Import β€’ File Picker β€’ Moves Import
Misc plugins Chrome Extension β€’ Gist Support β€’ UserColors β€’ Pushover β€’ KnownTracks β€’ Markdown β€’ InstagramShim β€’ Lightbox β€’ Emoji rendering β€’ Short Profile β€’ Cleverdevil Customizations β€’ MastodonEmbed
Themes Han Shot First β€’ Material β€’ Nature
Assistance Join the #indieweb chat β€’ IRC and other chat options β€’ Known channel β€’ Known Dev Google Group β€’ Official Documentation β€’ Development on Github