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Jeremy Cherfas

Jeremy Cherfas

Hello. I'm Jeremy and I have been online a long, long time. In all that time, though, I have never really understood the machinery that makes everything work. I don't think I ever will.

I'm very attracted to the ideas and philosophy of indieweb and POSSE, and started experimenting a long while back on Another Site. That worked well enough, but I didn't have the kind of access to break it that I really wanted, so I installed Known under my main site.

That site is built with Grav, with a sidebar that uses a plugin to pull in a stream from an instance of Known that runs under a subdomain and other bits and pieces.

Multi-site IndieWeb

At the moment I have project-specific sites running under ClassicPress Eat This Podcast for podcasting and WordPress (fornacalia for bread making the Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog, a kind of news-aggregator where a colleague now provides most of the content and I manage the site).

Eat This Podcast is now pretty much Indieweb enabled, receiving reactions via webmentions, thanks to the plugin authors and my child of the Independent Publisher theme. Fornacalia is partially IndieWeb enabled but Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog is not.

All this is historical and predates me learning about IndieWeb, and I am still not sure how best to integrate everything, or even whether that would be worthwhile, but I am slowly getting there.

I also POSSE selectively to I do not currently POSSE to Mastodon although I do share links to some of my posts there.


  • Graph data from Bise
  • Owning bookmarks and their content. I currently use both Instapaper and Pinboard. I can download everything from Pinboard, but what then?
  • Geodata
    • Monthly calendar of trips

Working On


Still need to work a bit more on styling.
  • Added form to submit mentions from elsewhere.
Would like to make this a more useful plugin.
Would like to display In reply to etc. if appropriate.