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UPDATE! 2019-09-20

This email was sent to 19 ticket holders on 2019-09-20. Note: it was converted to Markdown because supports that syntax.


Hello {NAME}!

Thank you for registering for IndieWebCamp NYC 2019! In just two weeks we will meet at Pace University in Manhattan.

Tickets are still available, so invite a friend, co-worker, or two with a personal site (or who has said that they want one!). They can register at]

Stay Updated

Details are being finalized and updated even now.

You can always find the latest information about IndieWebCamp 2019 at

General Schedule

Please note this year Saturday and Sunday are at two different locations, one each day.

Saturday, October 5th

Siedenberg School, Pace University, 163 William Street, New York City, NY 10038.

Saturday will be a day of discussions, starting off with introductions and demos before lunch, and the rest of the day reserved for discussion sessions that will be proposed and lead by participants like you! We'll wrap at 5:00pm for some social time.

Sunday, October 6th

Pace University, 1 Pace Plaza, New York City, NY 10038.

Sunday is day of making - time to put some of those ideas from Saturday into action! Create new designs, add features to (or starting building) your personal website, and help others do the same.

If possible, we'll have sponsored lunch brought in on Sunday, followed by more making. We'll close out with a round of demos before cleaning up and closing camp around 5:00pm.

You can find the full schedule on the wiki.

Pre-Event Meetup

For folks in NYC on Friday, October 4th, we will have an IndieWeb Meetup at the Stone Street outdoor space.

Located in the Financial District, a section of Stone Street (between William St and Coenties Alley) is given over to pedestrians and table space, with a large selection of restaurants to order from.

We plan to stake out some space starting at 6pm until at least 8pm. Look for IndieWebCamp table cards, or ask in the chat.

What to Work On?

Now is a great time to be planning what to work on at IndieWebCamp! Here are some ideas:

  • making your site "you" on the web (working on your identity, domain, design)
  • owning what you post (improving how you post to your site, how your posts look)
  • reaching your friends, family, colleagues, co-workers (syndicating your posts to silos)
  • owning your conversations (replying/liking/reposting from your site, and showing comments/responses to your posts)

Need ideas? Or already got ideas?

See what projects participants are thinking of working on, and add yours if you like on the wiki!

Breakfast and Lunch

We will do our best to provide coffee and light breakfast, as well as lunch on Sunday. We'd love help to make that possible! If you or someone you know would like to sponsor a meal, please let us know!

Remote Participation

We expect to have people participating remotely who can't come to NYC this year. We'll have two rooms set up with cameras and microphones for streaming and perhaps screen sharing. More information and the relevant links are on the wiki.

Join the Chat

If you haven't already, join our Slack room or IRC channel and introduce yourself! We'll be using the chat during the event to take notes, share links, and communicate with the remote participants.

Code of Conduct

All IndieWebCamp events have a Code of Conduct that applies to official event spaces both online and offline.

Thanks to our Supporters

Thanks to our sponsors who make all of this possible! A huge thanks to our venue sponsor Pace University, as well as our monthly supporters and everyone who contributed specifically for this event!

That's all for now! Looking forward to seeing everyone in two weeks!

-- Greg McVerry, David Shanske, and Marty McGuire