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Peter Molnar


Peter's a believer of homepages, that everyone should have a virtual home and representation of themselves, that is more, than a mere profile.

Chat Nickname: petermolnar


Before the dawn of time - or a proper domain - I went through a cycle of Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver, a self-composed PHP CMS, WordPress, and now I'm on static(ish) site generator. This lead to ~3k lines of static, and a few lightly complex regex redirects, so I suggest better planning for URLs.

Some route I've taken are now overtaken by others; a learning curve, if you prefer. These are all still valid.

My site is currently only hosting:

  • longer, IT related articles
  • journal(ish) and travel entries
  • replies
  • rare short entries
  • photos

What I've outsourced:

  • bookmarks - wallabag does a spectacular job at archiving bookmarks including text- and image content without the overhead of storing the real original content
  • reposts - reposts are messy, legally and technically
  • likes, favorites, etc - they don't make sense out of context, but in order to have an archival copy, I made silo.pasta. It's a PASTA approach to save favs (and similar data)from various silos.
  • my current syndication flow for new entries is on Integromat: it fetches my RSS feed and distributes the content to Google Groups, Flickr, and a fediverse instance through; sends a webmention from the syndicated copy back to my site; saves the entry and all URLs to; sends webmentions to u-in-reply-to links via