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Sam Boyer


Chat Nickname: samboyer

Hello! I'm a software engineer with a bit of webdev experience. I have a personal website that historically only acted as a portfolio for other projects (gamedev, other websites I've helped to make), but will soon contain a blog & hopefully more indieweb features!

My two main interests are:

  • (un)designing technologies to benefit society & the individual, rather than damage it/them. Social media and smartphones are reported to have made entire generations of people more lonely, anxious and polarised, all within the space of ~10 years. I don't yet know what technologies we should use instead, nor if we can convince enough people to move away from the harmful ones, but I'd love to contribute where I can.
  • Sustainability of present & future technology, by all the usual metrics (emissions, freshwater consumption, material consumption). Technologies of note include normal web browsing, video streaming, large AI models, and crypto. I could talk for days about issues but I really want to get better at identifying & evangelising solutions!

Please do get in touch if any of this interests you! Sam Boyer