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Sebastian Greger has been my home on the web since January 2005, and gradually indiewebified since 2013. The current site is running on Kirby 3 since 2019, after operating on Wordpress for many years - a step that finally brought back the joy of designing and developing for it (trading the complexity of Wordpress for the flexibility of Kirby).

As a testbed and proof-of-concept for my work on privacy-centred design, the site's frontend operates entirely without third-party requests; all resources are loaded locally, cookie-free and without tracking the user.

Kirby setup

The Indieweb features of my website are powered by a suite of self-built Kirby plugins:

  • kirby3-sendmentions sends out Webmentions for newly published posts
  • kirby3-commentions is a comment system that treats incoming Webmentions as comments (no "backfeed" of social media commentary)
  • kirby3-selfauth, an adaptation of selfauth that provides a stand-alone implementation of IndieAuth (allows authentication to other websites by logging in to Kirby)
  • kirby3-micropublisher is an adapt- and configurable Micropub plugin, allowing me to post new content via Micropub
  • a bespoke reader and bookmarking setup (private project for the forseeable future) serves as my preferred RSS/Twitter client and bookmark manager: a set of cronjob-powered spaghetti code in Python, integrated with PHP as Kirby plugins

I selectively POSSE to Twitter at @sebastiangreger, currently manual until it hurts or until I find the time to eventually port my old Wordpress plugin to Kirby.

Archived projects

I no longer use, maintain or develop my custom Wordpress plugins:

  • sg-syndication - a POSSE syndication plug-in for WordPress
  • sg-bookmarks - the attempt to create a Delicious-like personal bookmark management into WordPress

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