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Pronouns: any

Chat Nickname: Jo


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I've always liked being on the computer and the small internet has become a big hobby for me recently! I've only been "self" hosting since about 2022 and had a few sites on NeoCities and various PubNIXes before that. I don't know much about programming and keep more to the low-tech side of things.

My main site is my most active site, where I mostly blog or play around with web related technologies and ideas.


My site is static and hand written for the most part, though the blog is generated using a personally adapted version of the static site generator bashblog.

At the moment my site is served by Nginx and hosted on a VPS somewhere in the UK. It uses some CGI scripts, such as the one that displays my current song on Spotify. I also have an internet radio that uses icecast2 and ices.

My website uses some microformats and Webmentions are supported (and displayed using webmention.js)

Other sites


Before anything else I had a gemini capsule. It still uses my old domain name "" and contains some more things and generally stuff I'd be less comfortable with sharing on the world wide web, where people are mean and bots are rampant. are also available over the finger and gopher protocol.

A site focused only on what I feel is my best art work. It mostly contains fanart because the things I like inspire me and I think about them.

Indieweb things

Sometimes I write blog posts about the indieweb: and most weeks I'm at the European time-zone Homebrew Website Club Meetings.