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I will try to use this wiki page to log the evolution of my self-hosted website. This might take a while - I haven't seriously programmed for the web in over 10 years. But there's always a beginning. There is a chance

I'm currently using Known, and plan to add on top of it by writing plugins.

Itches to be scratched

  • Implement multimarkdown or some other tweak the markdown plugin to support footnotes.
  • Separate post and picture stream from notes/bookmark.
  • Implement a wiki or static pages.
  • Make a bookmarklet or a firefox extension for posting and/or linking.
  • Integrate (POSSE+backfeed) blog with blogger (for archival purposes) and twitter (initial notes).

Dreampipe projects for the future

  • Come up with a reader platform that can retrieve the context of conversations based on links.
  • Try to assemble "dialogue rooms," a public debate platform. Idea is for conversations to take place in a shared environment, but the result is posted back to people's own website. Might not be necessary, though.
  • A model for ads moving away from adsense? This is less about indie web and more about privacy concerns. But is there a need for ads to use tracking? Isn't it more ethical to serve ads based on content? I get that it may be less efficient to do so, but perhaps some sort of "Good Internet Citizen" tag might be warranted for companies that only buy ads from ad servers that don't do tracking.