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Janina Ellinghaus

Pronouns: she/her

A software developer from Hesse, Germany. (Timezone: Berlin/Europe)

Chat Nickname: hoschi-it

me and the web

  • is my domain.
  • That's kind of a playground still. Little content, code changes often.
  • built with Eleventy
  • sources hosted on my Gitea instance
  • served through manity


  • Use microformats for displaying content
    • Follow []
    • Make every post a proper card with icons indicating syndication and responses
  • Implement post types
    • Note
    • Bookmark
    • Like
  • Follow instructions on page wikifying for documenting more.
  • Implement usage of micropub
  • Find out, which license to apply to website / and/or posts
  • Use IndieMark to make my site better.