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John Evdemon


Software architect, CTO, consultant, author, editor, and developer/leader of various industry and web standards.
Yes, I still enjoy writing code.

Chat Nickname: jevdemon


John Evdemon


Hi! I'm John. I work for a large software company located the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I've spent a couple of decades designing, building, and deploying large systems on a wide variety of platforms. I've also spent a fair bit of time as an editor and writer for a couple of industry journals and led or helped develop web and industry standards such as XML, Business Process Execution Language (BPEL), ebXML, and many others. I've been experimenting with various IndieWeb standards over the past few years and am very interested in getting more involved in the development and maintenance of them.


My neglected blog is limping along on an outdated version of Known at I hope to get this mess cleaned up soon.

Working On

  • Cleaning up my blog, upgrading to latest version of Known



  • Fix my messy, outdated installation by upgrading to the latest version.
  • Add proper home and about pages
  • Add structure to my blog so that entries are better formatted. I really like Dave Winer's posting style and would love to develop a template or plugin to easily use this style with Known.
  • Contribute to installation and hosting documentation, making it easier for new users to adopt and use the platform.



  • Hoping to get more involved with developing or evolving IndieWeb standards.