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Paulo Pinto

Paulo Pinto


Pronouns: he/him/his

Paulo Pinto works and lives in Guimarães, Portugal.

Chat Nickname: paulopinto

Elsewhere:  @w3bk3rn3l , , GitHub,


Hi! My name is Paulo. I've been on the internet since at least 1993. My first website was designed with DreamWeaver (WYSIWYG) hosted in Geocities.

I work in institutional communication at the City Hall, Portugal, as an Aide to the Mayor.

I have several interests: microblogging, indieweb, hamradio, astronomy, aviation, trains, photography, literature, philosophy among others!

Lately, I've been interested in Cyberculture and Online Privacy.

Main Website

My primary site ( is powered by WordPress and using (IW26) a fork of the Wordpress Twenty Sixteen theme by David Shanske.

Other Websites

Microblogging: ( powered by Hamradio: ( powered by Hugo + Github + Netlify. Gemini: gemini:// powered by Vultr.


  • Send webmentions automatically (



  • Reading about PKM and Social Annotation
  • Writing my Commonplace book using Obsidian
  • Hearing music with a DAC (Tidal and HRS Stream)
  • Managing my digital archive with DevonThink Pro 3


  • Working on an economic and digital transition project for my city and region, as part of the Action Plan of the Crisis and Economic Transition Office
  • Working on the pusblishing of a Culture & Arts magazine