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Site details

  • Original site content written in Org mode (GNU Emacs). That content is then exported to Markdown using ox-hugo.
  • Built using Hugo.
  • Deployed using Netlify.
  • The site's HTML, CSS, JS is minified using a Go commandline utility minify.
  • Uses as Webmention endpoint.
  • Supports receiving comments via Webmentions (via URL or comment using, or as back-feed from twitter if a post is syndicated there. The back-feed Webmentions are generated by
  • The comments via also get parsed for Markdown (including the triple-backquoted syntax-highlighted code blocks).
  • Pages are marked with h-feed, h-entry, and the nested p- and u- as needed. Please ping me on IRC if you find something incorrect or unusual about my microformats2 markup.
  • h-card is added to the footer of each page.