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Tim Bachmann


Contact: Any of my social media

Hi, I'm Tim Bachmann, I am currently a CS master student in Basel, Switzerland.


  • Making IndieGo (see below) usable for other people.
    • Making a config system so features can be turned on/off and settings be changed without recompiling.



Since learning of the IndieWeb I modified the little webserver that powered the commenting system of my personal website to support the following standards:

It is built in Go in a modular way, pretty much any function can be disabled or modified. I use it on my own website You can find the source code on GitHub.

Personal Website

My personal website is statically built using SvelteKit. All of my own content (blog posts, micropub posts, and projets) are stored as markdown file in the same git repo, whereas all submitted content (comments, webmentions) are pulled from IndieGo. Updated comments and webmentions are fetched from IndieGo from the client side. This allows the user to see the latest comments without having to wait for a page build.