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VirtKick is a software project that aims to be an open source, self-hosted replacement of DigitalOcean. It simplifies creating, managing, hosting and providing virtual servers and containers. VirtKick will be shipped in arkOS.


At the end of October, 2014 VirtKick developers launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $57,000 for further development.

Commercial use

VirtKick will ship with optional e-commerce features, so VPS providers can use them to sell machines. This way VirtKick makes it possible for non-tech people to use it. What's most important, users will be able to migrate their machines between VPS providers that use VirtKick.


  • KVM and OpenVZ to run virtual machines
  • libvirt is an abstraction layer to KVM
  • Docker to make use of images in Registry Hub
  • Ansible to auto-configure hypervisors

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