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Backblaze b2 is a file hosting service from BackBlaze.

BackBlaze claim they are cheapest cloud storage company with over a Exabyte of customer data.

they have S3 api but it is not compatible with CNAME records as of 2020-08-10

We currently don't have a way to remove the bucket name completely and unfortunately don't have full CNAME support. This is a feature that has been requested by many users and we are looking to make this available in the future. If you'd like to follow updates on B2 features we are working on or adding, I would recommend following the B2 Newsletter on our blog:


  • I am using to backblaze to host my websites and static data after getting bill shock from Linode for s3 storage.
  • Ruxton I've been using backblaze b2 to store encrypted backups for a few years, it's my "final recovery point".
  • Arne Govaerts uses backblaze b2 as a secundary storage location in his Nextcloud instance.

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