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Tom A Sparks

I am a Alternative Technology Researcher, with a focus on Digital Communication Networks. #VennDiagram #Researcher #Web3D #RetroComputerUser #Artist #DigitalCommunicationNetworks #fidonet #DtnRg #indieweb #archivist #kopimi #aspie

Chat Nickname: tomasparks

Elsewhere:  @tomasparksts github

Contact: Email

I believe the Indieweb project is a stepping stone to a Completely distributed network.


Cloud computing / hosting

The cost of cloud compute like aws ECS and Linode's VPN is not worth the money, building a homelab is going to give me more bang for my buck.

Offline/asynchronous mode


hands free

I am looking for a hands-free audio-only of:

hardware: mp3 player with recording feature, Throat microphone

voice comments

see voice-comments

Sharding my website

Also known as multi-site_indieweb

I use Jekyll as my website generator

  • I have parts of my website that are updated infrequently
  • I host larger binary blobs (videos, 3D models)
  • I have themes for different section of my website

Website Sections

  • main (blog, about me) - Dynix theme
  • retro space sim (webgl/X3D game) - dev blog: labnotebook theme
  • minatures (papercraft models) - labnotebook theme
  • notes - PDA-like theme
  • gallery / scrapbook (photos) - wood theme?
  • my alt-dtn ebook - ebook theme