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A voice comment is an audio reply to a post made by recording ones voice that could be useful as a hands-free substitute for typical text comments.



Tom Sparks

I've been looking into sending voice comments via webmentions, the Opus codec has become the default audio codec for the internet.

voice quality and file size test:

  • 48Kh mono @ 8Kbits/sec 1:13:50 (H:MM:SS) filesize: 4.6 MB (4573796 bytes)
  • 48Kh mono @ 8Kbits/sec 20:33 (MM:SS) filesize: 1.2 MB (1231171 bytes)

source code


Around 2007 I found Moodlesppex a java applet that would:

  • record voice message
  • compress the audio into the speex codec
  • upload the audio

I ported it to wordpress around 2007 (source code lost to history :( ).

I looked at adobe flash when I found out it supported speex codec, but at the time I all them need a RTMP server to capture the audio.


early examples

  • voice email

I remember plugins/addons for email clients that would allow you to record a message attachment(?) I dont remember what audio codec they used (ADPCM?, realaudio?)

I also remember a application that would allow you to record a message

Voice Mail - 1967 Style: The MAIL CALL

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