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This page is an attempt to collect peoples' comment policies on their personal sites.

Sites Implementing How To Comment

Ideally, indieweb sites should follow IndieWeb How To Comment best practices for both making comments and accepting comments.

IndieWebCamp Community Members

People that have attended an IndieWebCamp, and/or are active on #indiewebcamp IRC and their content commenting policies:

The best way to respond to something I've written is to post on your own site.

However, I will also read comments left on

  • a Flickr photo
  • Github
  • a Foursquare checkin

I will probably ignore comments left on

  • youtube
  • myspace

Also each post links to a syndicated version on Twitter with the text "Reply on Twitter"

Reply via Twitter

Personal Sites

Others with indie web sites (let's get these folks to join IRC and attend a future IndieWebCamp!) and their content comment policies:

If you'd like to respond, just tweet @toolness.

Until March 2012 I allowed and welcomed comments from readers. I got tired of fighting comment spam and styling comments and forms every time I redesigned. I still welcome (and appreciate) feedback via email or Twitter.

It is important to remember that this is my website and I decide what I will feature. Commenting here is a privilege, not a right. There are many other sites on the Internet where you can express your viewpoint. I do not owe you space on mine.

Third-Party Comment/Spam Solutions

People using Disqus

People using Mollom