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Visual representation, sketch notes from talks, building block logos, images, and slide deck templates you can use in your talks.

Illustrations and Sketch Notes

IndieWeb Building Blocks Flow Diagram with standards

Building Block Logos

Main article: Building block icons

Images and Photos

Slide Decks

Suggested Improvements

  • Remove G+ (defunct)
  • Add Swarm (note OwnYourSwarm) as another PESOS + backfeed option
  • Start at the top left, instead of lower left. or perhaps top middle if it's going to be a clockwise cycle, like noon.
  • More detail or separate Microsub client + server diagram
  • Add WebSub for optional realtime Microsub server/aggregator support
  • Should Vouch go anywhere? Maybe on another diagram?
  • Clean-up all the various colors used so they're minimized (per Tufte) and used to clearly convey specific meanings.
  • Maybe a variant diagram? Re-orient/reformat diagram to focus on user features enabled by Webmention+microformats first & foremost, and the other protocols only secondarily.


How to make a diagram

Some examples / tips for how to design diagrams to explain things:

a 3x3 graphical grid of example diagrams for explaining different kinds of things

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