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meme image of a cartoon t-rex dinosaur attempting to reach a human with text “WITH TINY ARMS / YOU POSSE FOR THE REACH” Comic of Reaching people on the internet

reach is usually used to refer to the number or extent of people that see or are at least shown a specific post (of yours) in whatever aggregator or reader app, site, or home (news) feed feature of a silo that they use to view posts. Many silos use algorithms (like The Facebook Algorithm) to limit which posts are shown, as one method to pressure publishers to pay for reach.

Do It For the Exposure

"Doing it for the exposure" is almost always a mistake.

People often mistakenly and disrespectfully think that artists, designers, and other creatives are in it for the exposure rather than treating their time and talent as a business or means of feeding themselves or their families.



Purchased Deception

Reach is a lie that can be bought:

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