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Join us for an evening of IndieWeb personal site demos and discussions!
Any questions? Ask in the chatroom! Moreโ€ฆ


from -: IndieWeb meetup!
โ€ข optional quiet writing hour for the venues that explicitly have it.

All times are local, unless otherwise noted in venues.


Online, Using Google Hangouts...Link TBD

Just show up, and feel free to RSVP by adding yourself below:


  • Websites
    • Masssly created a form to collect interesrt from people wanting a personal website
    • Going to checkout the form and publish on WhatsApp and Facebook.
  • GlobalGiving
    • Applying for Global Giving
    • Requires financials
  • Wikipeda Local Language User Group
  • Sadik updates
    • goifnetwork wiki
      • Added Mozilla Open Leaders X curriculum
      • Added events counselor
      • Greg will fix the certificate issue
  • Planning events
    • Added all the IndieWeb Meet Ups and Events
    • Added a Grant Section. Greg applying for grants to cover IWC
    • Requested volunteers from across Mozilla Community. We had 14 people complete a form wanting to support the project.
    • Sadik is working on promotional materials
    • Video
  • Looking at Open Access Week in March
    • Run an event during March
    • There isn't a topic for Open Data Day
    • Want to run a session on personal websites and open data
  • Checking out each Other's websites.
    • Sadik added his videos and blog post
    • Greg added a 404 page
    • Mohammad looking into ways to create a newsletter from his website
    • Greg recommends using the digest feature in WordPress as easiest approach.
  • Sadik is pricing Rasberry Pi servers we can pre load for website deployment
  • Mohammaad looking into Wikidata
    • adding pages for all advisors and founders
  • Greg curating grant sources


Blog Posts