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exiftool is THE most comprehensive image EXIF (and other metadata) extraction utility. It's written in Perl and works as a regular, *nix command line tool.

Usage examples

extracting common values in JSON format: exiftool -sort -json -MIMEType -FileType -FileName -ModifyDate -CreateDate -DateTimeOriginal -ImageHeight -ImageWidth -Aperture -FOV -ISO -FocalLength -FNumber -FocalLengthIn35mmFormat -ExposureTime -Copyright -Artist -Model -GPSLongitude# -GPSLatitude# -LensID [path to files, can be more than one]

The # at the end of GPSLongitude and GPSLatitude will force it to return the decimal format (eg. 53.115584 instead of 53 deg 6' 56.10" N).

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