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h-card as a service (https://h-card-as-a-service.herokuapp.com) was a prototype web service replacement for wiki profile pages and chat-names built by Shane Becker.

It was archived in May 2019 [1]. As of 2022-12-03, the Github repository appears to no longer be available: https://github.com/veganstraightedge/h-card-as-a-service


  • UI: a simple form with fields for commonly used properties (name, url, photo, etc) already used by several people on the wiki
  • Lookup: h-card-as-a-service can be used as a single point of lookup for people’s h-card info.
  • Templating: It also shows the h-card markup on a person’s profile page which could be copy/pasted onto one’s website.


Also on https://github.com/veganstraightedge/h-card-as-a-service

  • write README
  • add button to edit form to re-fetch h-card
  • add syntax highlighting for html h-card copy/pasta
  • turn on pg:backups on heroku
  • add person/delete?
  • implement real `signed_in?` using indieauth
    • auto-populate `URL` from indieauth when `signed_in?`
  • port https://github.com/indieweb/representative-h-card-php to Ruby
  • auto-update h-cards (except note field) every night with a scheduled job
  • get other URLs from rel=me (in addition to u-url)
  • ...


  • +1 on just "location". We don't have a lot of use for structured data (country/city) so better to leave it free-form. — Aaron Parecki
  • blank link with u-email if no email address entered. Should only include an email link if the field is entered? gRegor Morrill