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Hangouts is Google's messaging tool that supports chat, groups, and videoconferencing.

Creating public video hangouts has resulted in hangout spam in the past — typically this takes the form of random people popping up in your hangout and groaning, shouting or making other loud noises.

Fortunately hangouts need not be made public — anyone can join a “private” hangout given the URL.

Previously, the Hangouts app on Android also handled SMS/MMS, but that feature was removed 2017-05-22 [1].

How to set up a hangout for remote participation

  • Go to Google+
  • In “hangouts” (top right as of 2013-09), create a new hangout
  • Add at least one person to the hangout
  • In the new hangout window, copy the URL
  • People can now join by visiting that URL — paste it into a note, event etherpad or IRC or all of the above


API shutdown

SMS drama

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