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headless CMS is a content management system that only handles the backend parts of a traditional CMS (storage, editing interface, APIs, ...), with the visitor-facing side handled by a different system.

For an Indieweb site, a combination of file storage and a Micropub server that are used to create posts that are then rendered into a static site by a static site generator could be called a headless CMS.


  • Netlify CMS - edits content stored on Github, actual website is rendered by a static site generator
  • Strapi - "The most advanced open-source Content Management Framework to build powerful API with no effort."
  • Cockpit - "Simple content platform to manage any structured content. A self-hosted headless and api-driven CMS"
  • Contentful - A closed source headless cms as a service. Provides an editing interface and an api to retrieve content

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