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Inari is a personal publishing application written by j4y_funabashi, it powers and source code can be found here


Micropub Client

  • Okami
  • User can login, post and view their stuff

Micropub Server

  • Saves and parses microformats posts
  • can query for a list of posts

Media Server

  • Saves and parses photos and videos
  • Extracts metadata (EXIF)
  • Query lists all media (q=source)?
  • Can recieve webmentions so it knows when media has been published on my site

Geo Server

  • Saves and parses gpx files
  • can query to get a list of locations and venues that I can check-in to
  • Can recieve webmentions so it knows when checkin have been published on my site


album posts

I often post many related photos with the same general location and tags so would be nice to be able to group these and share them as an album

person tags

I want to be able to tag people in photos.


  • latest x posts
  • date YYMM
  • tags
  • location


  • maps
  • sparklines

micropub client

  • I want something that suggests edits to make or highlights posts that don't have much metadata ie location, tags.
  • Could detect tags that are spelled differently?
  • Suggest 'mates' and person tag when faces are detected in photos
  • suggest location when lat/lng detected in photos

address book

Would be great to have all my contacts available on my site.

  • This would be the source for auto complete for person tags.
  • Might need to hide certain information like phone numbers/addresses when not logged in?


Calendar of events

  • Synced from phone?

micropub update

micropub delete

micropub undelete