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Lurking is the quiet watching and listening that many people of the web do in chat rooms in order to begin gauging the culture, learning the jargon or lingo, and other community norms or unspoken principles before diving in to interact on a more direct level with other participants.

We certainly welcome anyone to lurk if they wish, but feel free to introduce yourself at any time and ask any questions you may have. We hope you'll find us a welcoming and inclusive group.

While one is welcome to lurk in IndieWeb chat for these or other purposes, be aware that most of our chat rooms are logged, so you can go back and read through those logs as a means of "power lurking" to get a quicker sense of what is going on within the community. We also have search functionality within the chat logs for those looking to find things quickly. Naturally, most of the more salient parts of discussions and our work are captured here on the IndieWeb wiki.


Main article: Loqi

While lurking one is sure to run across Loqi, our local friendly chatbot who has a variety of functions including acting as a tool to bridge changes from our chat to document various things in the wiki.

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