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mp-config is a method of using a query to a micropub endpoint to allow you indie website to discover user support for webactions.


mp-config provides a server-side alternative to indie-config for discovering the user's action handler URLs. This method does not require a JavaScript or a custom schema handler to be registered in the browser, but it does require the user to support micropub and be signed in on the site they are browsing.

Along the same lines as micropub#Discovering_Supported_Syndication_Targets, external sites could query the micropub endpoint for a list of action handler URLs.

1. Aaron signs in to Barnaby's site with the "config" scope.

2. Barnaby's site issues a GET request to Aaron's micropub endpoint, which replies with a url-encoded list of actions and their associated handler URL

GET /micropub_endpoint?q=actions
Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxxx


3. When Barnaby renders indie-action elements, he substitutes Aaron's configured action handlers for Twitter intent URLs or whatever fallback he would normally use.

IndieWeb Examples

  • Kyle Mahan Supports mp-config on as of 2014-10-19. When a micropub-enabled user signs in, will use their /micropub?q=config endpoint to determine web action handlers, that are used in place of Reply/Repost/Like indie-actions on each post permalink page.
  • Ben Roberts Supports mp-config on as of 2014-10-20. This will add Like, Reply, Repost, and Bookmark actions if available. It will also offer Edit and Delete on any post comments owned by the user.


Response format

Micropub in general uses application/x-www-urlencoded to pass information back and forth. Some implementers prefer to return action -> URLs as a JSON object. Kyle Mahan will currently handle either one based on the value of the Content-Type header.

Authorization not needed to get list

There is no real secure information given in the list of endpoints. In fact you want this to be as readily available as possible. As such I think the Auth header on the request to q=actions should be dropped. - Ben Roberts

  • I tend to agree. The only reason I can think of that a micropub access-token might be necessary is if someone has "secret" admin URLs (i.e. instead of a real authorization mechanism). Does anyone do this? If so, do we care about supporting it? 21:43, 20 October 2014 (PDT)
    • If authorization isn't necessary, it makes me wonder if this isn't really micropub at all. A <link rel="indie_config"> would work just as well and would be a much lower bar for most sites to implement 21:43, 20 October 2014 (PDT)

Micropub endpoint as indie-config page

Rather than have a separate config for indie config Ben Roberts queries ?q=indie-config to pull up configs formatted for use with [indie-config]

Micropub configuring of list

In order to modify the list and allow different micropub clients to act for different actions, we could add some ability for a micropub client (when given "config" scope) to offer itself as a new client for an action. so it submits ?q=config&action="reply"&url="{url}"